IPTV Last Updates

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IPTV Last Updates

February 9, 2020 IPTV UPDATES 1

08-02-2020 PPV – UFC 05 & 06 Has been added to PPV list please refresh, enjoy Watch UFC Game!

07-02-2020 US – TBN channel Added

07-02-2020 new movies have been added to EN Vod & Latest EN VOD please refresh your list

07-02-2020 Germany Elit Movies has been restored.

07-02-2020 Turkish Elit Movies has been restored.

06-02-2020 Italian channels 75% Online work in progress to deliver 100%.

06-02-2020 (AL MANHAJ, AL IRAQIA TV ,FALLUJAH,EDUCATION) Deleted From Iraq List its no longer available .

05-02-2020 the italian channels are still in the maintennce we will back slowley btween tonight and tomrrow morning

04-02-2020 Italian Channels back online.

03-02-2020 Italian Channels will be down untill tomorrow for maintenance.

03-02-2020 Manage Line in the panel has been fixed

03-02-2020 kuwait channels has been updated to HD

02-02-2020 Live Event channels has been added under USA PPv to cover the superBowl tonight, please inform your customers

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